Unvaccinated Can’t Believe Unvaccinated Are Being Blamed For Unvaccinated Making Up Majority Of Hospital Cases

THE 300,000 people in the country who remain unvaccinated are struggling to understand how anyone could come to the conclusion that they should shoulder any of the blame for unvaccinated people making up the majority of ICU cases, WWN has learned. Fully agreeing that having a HSE seemingly made entirely out of wet tissue and… Read more »

Owen Keegan’s Guide To Dublin City

OFTEN making the news for ill-judged comments an envious Leo Varadkar wish he said privately in the Fine Gael WhatsApp, Owen Keegan is to Dubliners what his lookalike and ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’ villain Judge Doom, was to the residents of Toontown. Taking Keegan’s recent sarcastic comments to the UCD Students Union that students should… Read more »

“Unfortunately Our 1st World Vaccine Programme Is No Match For Our 4th World Health Service”

LAMENTING the fact Ireland possessing the world’s only 4th World health service is jeopardising an end to restrictions on the 22nd of October, the Taoiseach urged the 90% of the population that is vaccinated to blame those not vaccinated for decades of ineptitude and shameless neglect of the health service by politicians. “There is a… Read more »

Jeff Bezos Still A Wanker, Agrees World

ALTHOUGH the world has admitted that the footage of 90-year-old Star Trek actor William Shatner floating in zero-gravity on board the Blue Origin space flight yesterday was touching, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos ‘needn’t think’ that he’s off the hook for a raft of arsehole behaviour over the last number of years. Thousands tuned in to… Read more »

EU Starting To See IRA’s Point

WHILE nobody in the EU has come forward and condoned the Irish Republican Army’s campaign of bloody terror in Northern Ireland, leaks have suggested that many are starting to ‘see where they were coming from’, WWN can report. The memos come as the EU enters yet another crunch round of negotiations in the bitter Brexit… Read more »