“Qatar Still Not As Bad As Saipan Though”

ROY KEANE has made headlines for being his predictably outspoken self as part of his punditry gig on ITV, this time making comments on the unedifying reality of Qatar hosting the World Cup. Rebuking both FIFA and Qatari authorities, Keane eviscerated the hypocrisy of the selling all integrity and morals to the highest briber with… Read more »

WWN’s World Cup Recap

YESTERDAY’S action saw one of the tournament’s biggest ever shocks – FIFA actually condemning homophobia; no not Qatar silly, the organisation tied itself in yet more hypocritical knots by fining Ecuador for homophobic chants. Elsewhere, Saudi Arabia beat Argentina 2-1. An even bigger shock than Saudi Arabia’s victory was the discovery that the team is… Read more »

WWN’s World Cup Recap

In an act of bravery the Iranian team refused to sing the national anthem during ongoing unrest in Iran. In similarly brave scenes, Harry Kane decided against wearing a rainbow coloured ‘One Love’ armband due to the threat of receiving a yellow card. It was an understandably emotional game for the Iranian team at a… Read more »

Been Awhile Since Elaine Brought Buns To Work

STAFF in a Dublin office have started a campaign of low-level passive aggressiveness against Elaine Harris in a bid to get her to bring in some more nice cupcakes like the ones she used to bring in on a weekly basis before the novelty apparently wore off it, WWN can report. “Are you still at… Read more »