America Considering Invading America

THERE IS growing evidence that America is mobilising military forces off its own coasts in a bid to rescue its citizens from America. The news comes as the Supreme Court, once viewed an independent institution free from political interference, issued a leaked opinion which would see abortion outlawed overnight, undoing 50 years of progress and… Read more »

Burglar Sick Of Working Nights

BURGLARY gangs around Ireland are finally getting back to pre-Covid levels, which for them means working in the homes that people, who were working from home in, are no longer working in. “It was rough there for the last few years, everyone was at home leaving very little scope for us to dodge in and… Read more »

Maybe Woman Stupid But Why The Fuck Is National Maternity Hospital Being Placed In Religious Trust?

“SORRY to impose on the government while it’s in the middle of building a maternity hospital with taxpayer’s money on church land it hasn’t even bothering fucking purchasing but,” began local incensed woman Grainne Kerslan. The Waterford native apologised for her idiot petite lady brain because, despite reading yet again that the publicly funded hospital… Read more »