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“We Coulda Won Though If We Were An Entirely Different Country With Different Players” Confirms Optimistic Irish Fans

SOME IRISH supporters took more positives from last night’s 3-2 loss to Serbia in Ireland’s than you’d find after Covid-19 testing at a meat factory, leaving them in no doubt that there were plenty of reasons to remain optimistic about the upcoming campaign. “You get negative fair-weather fans moaning, but you can’t tell me that… Read more »

Celtic Fans Confirm They Would Have Celebrated Historic 10-In-A-Row At Home Alone

THE WORRYING sight of large crowds of celebrating Rangers supporters in Glasgow and on the Shankhill Road in Belfast prompted criticism from authorities and Celtic fans, who can’t believe their arch rivals would so selfishly risk everyone’s collective health and jeopardise the progress made in the fight against Covid-19. “Shameful stuff,” confirmed one Celtic supporter… Read more »