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Qatar Denies Paying Fake Fans A Fair Wage

AFTER footage emerged of groups fans hailing from India starting an impromptu sing-song outside the England team hotel in Doha, the Qatar Supreme Committee in charge of overseeing the country’s hosting of the World Cup has been forced to respond to accusations that they are paying people to pose as fans. “These scurrilous accusations have… Read more »

‘Homelessness, Failing Healthcare, Corruption’ Human Rights Groups Object To Ireland Hosting Euro 2028

CITING A number of concerns, leading human rights groups have asked UEFA not to repeat FIFA’s mistake when it awarded the World Cup to Qatar by giving Ireland Euro 2028 hosting duties. “This a regime which through its Direct Provision system treats asylum seekers as less than human,” confirmed a letter signed jointly by dozens… Read more »

Haaland Given New Software Update After Liverpool Defeat

SEVERAL behind-the-scenes members of Manchester City’s technical support staff have been fired in the wake of the club’s 1-0 defeat to Liverpool after failing to update Erling Braut Haaland’s software, WWN Sports can reveal. “It’s the easiest job in the world to tick ‘yes’ to automatic updates. Should have been the first you did after… Read more »

Man Utd Fans Make Glorious Return To Social Media

THOUSANDS of delighted Man United fans made a glorious return to social networking sites today to gloat about winning their latest game of football. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Bebo and parish noticeboards users were flooded by thousands of grammar agnostic posts relating to their team’s display during their home win against Liverpool at Old Trafford. “GET… Read more »