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Rugby Mad, Liverpool Supporting Kildare Man Could Have Had Better Weekend

IN WHAT experts are calling possibly the worst sporting weekend endured by anyone in recent times, Leinster supporting, Liverpool mad Kildare man Jamie O’Connor finds himself deep in the trenches of sporting defeat. “I’ve found myself in the eye of a shitstorm, everywhere I looked it was heartache” explained red-eyed O’Connor, who watched Leinster lose… Read more »

Football World Heaps Praise On Brave Player Coming Out As Open To Lucrative Deals With Homophobic Regimes

THE FOOTBALL world has immediately thrown its support behind Lionel Messi as he recently came out as someone more than willing to take money from the homophobic regime in Saudi Arabia to promote the country as a tourism ambassador, WWN Sport can reveal. “Wow, this is huge. Hopefully this encourages other footballers reportedly worth €500mn… Read more »

Rooney Vardy Trial First To Use VAR

THE AUSTERE wood-panelled Victorian court room housing the libel case between Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy, which kicks off live on Sky Sports, is to make history by implementing a first for legal technology with the use of VAR. Replacing the usual back and forth between a judge and the legal representatives of the defence… Read more »