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“Today We’re Just Going To Do All Your Favourite Things” United Board Tell Worried Solskjaer

OLE GUNNAR Solskjaer is seriously fearing for his job now that the United board has confirmed that he ‘can do whatever he wants today’ including having his favourite ice cream, watching his favourite movie and any other things he loves doing. “You wanna go go-karting too Ole? Honestly mate, whatever you want let’s do it,”… Read more »

5 Ways Rooney’s Week Could Get Worse

EMBROILED in a late night drinking session turned photoshoot with women rumoured to be ensnaring him in an extortion plot, and now fresh from injuring one of the key players he’s manages at Derby, Wayne Rooney is having an awful week and it’s only Tuesday. WWN tempt fate on the United legend’s behalf by musing… Read more »

Head Of Basketball Ireland Forced To Step Down After Saying Stuff Your Dad Is Always Saying

THE CEO of Basketball Ireland Bernard O’Byrne has apologised and stepped down from his position after making the sort of controversial remarks your dad makes non-stop without anyone so much as challenging him. Known within your household as a ‘classic dad’ the social media posting aimed at Raheem Sterling is nothing compared to the remarks… Read more »

Meet The Policeman In Charge Of Wembley Euros Security

A CAREFULLY coordinated effort by a substantial group of very intelligent English football ‘fans’, probably ex-SAS, who outsmarted Wembley security staff, police and Euros event coordinators or an explanation so scarcely believable it is the stuff of conspiracy theories? Could unbelievably poor planning and incompetence combined with with an attitude of ‘they’re white so leave… Read more »