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“Racism Is Staying Home”

ENGLAND’s gallant run to the final of the Euros and subsequent loss to Italy in the cruelest fashion via penalties means football is going to Rome, but it’s not all bad news as in the aftermath of the game it became depressingly clear many English people made sure racism was staying home. Condemning the vile… Read more »

WWN Previews England Vs Denmark

WHILE England have expressed their confusion at being inconvenienced by this evening’s foregone conclusion against Denmark, a mere 4 days before they beat Italy in the final of the Euros, the game will still go ahead. BBC and ITV’s pre-match analysis of the semi-final will consist of ‘can you believe we beat Denmark’ in the… Read more »

Irish Shops Sell Out Of Ukraine Jerseys

EUROS fever has finally hit Ireland and it is currently spreading quicker than the Delta variant as Irish retailers struggle to reorder enough Ukraine football jerseys to meet the high demand. “Me? Ah been into the Ukraine footy for years, changed my name to Sean Shevchenko,” confirmed Sean Shevchenko, one of many in a mile… Read more »