“With The Foundations I’ve Set, Ireland Could Qualify For Euro 2048” Claims Kenny


AS THE DUST settles on another huge leap forward for Irish football after the dark days at the tail end of the O’Neill era, Ireland manager Stephen Kenny is able to see the green shoots emerging.

“With the foundations I’ve set, while I might not be the man to oversee it ultimately, this group could qualify for a Euros as early as 2048. Mark my words by the time Kylian Mbappé’s grandkids are playing for France we’ll be in good shape,” shared Kenny, who could save his job with a 47-0 victory against New Zealand on Tuesday.

“Look it, to beat the rugby world cup finalists in a friendly in soccer, that’ll be a big sign of progress. And the you’re only talking a dozen more Nations League relegations before we can really see the team finding its footing,” explained Kenny who added that the only way you could get him to deviate from a back five was if you kidnapped Keith Andrews and held him hostage.

While many detractors will label such optimism as the stuff of dreams, Kenny echoed what many supporters have said about the relative strength of the talent at his disposal.

Kenny also denied his comments were all just part of a ploy to see how angry and unhinged he could make Didi Hamann.

“Absolutely not, my decision to call up the entire under 21s squad to sit on the bench for the full 90 minutes has nothing to do with Didi”.

Elsewhere, the FAI has asked fans to be patient and that they will address the future of the manager once they’ve finished with losing multiple streams of funding and revenue due to colossal cock ups and a refusal to meet th3 40% female quota for its board.