Sore Losers Think 115 Financial Charges Somehow Hangs Over Man City’s Era Of Dominance


PEOPLE incapable of appreciating sporting success on the field have wrongly suggested that Manchester City’s record breaking 4th premier league title in-a-row has some sort of asterisk or cloud hanging over it.

“Overshadowed by Mohammed Kudus’s incredible overhead kick? Maybe, but overshadowed by 115 charges which suggests our club broke every rule in the book when first establishing ourselves as a super rich force in the league? I don’t think so,” said one City fan while getting a preemptive 10-in-a-row back tattoo while simultaneously sticking a blue flare up their arse.

“Why can’t you dickheads look at our success through a very narrow prism which ignores really important information that adds the correct context and caveats?”

Judging by the outpouring of ‘yeah but what about the 115 charges’ City’s title win was greeted with by incomprehensibly bitter fans of rival clubs, it is hard not to conclude that some people do not possess humility or grace in defeat.

“The fact all anyone is talking about is Jurgen Klopp’s final game is just further proof the rest of the league can’t handle the fact we’re more dominant than a dominatrix convention, and definitely not that our success leaves people colder than a Gallagher brothers’ reunion,” explained Man City’s least unlikable fan, Noel Gallagher.

UPDATE: The Premier League has confirmed a decision of the 115 charges faced by Man City has been moved back to the 30th of February next year.