“I’m Really Sorry It Was All Caught On Camera” Diddy Apologises For Beating Ex-Girlfriend


“GETTING caught like this is very unlike me and I’m truly sorry there were cameras in that hotel corridor at the time,” apologised American rapper, record producer and record executive Sean Combs after footage of him beating his ex-girlfriend Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Ventura was aired by CNN this week.

“If I knew I was being recorded I would have made sure to drag her ass back into the privacy of my hotel room and I promise to make sure something like this will never happen again,” Diddy stated in a video posted to his Instagram page, “I’m usually very quick to spot cameras as I’ve quite a few in my own properties so this is double embarrassing for me”.

Previously denying a string of allegations and insisting the victims were looking for a ‘pay day’, the 54-year-old doubled down on the claims, stating he will continue to deny any wrongdoing until more CCTV comes to light.

“If I’m caught on camera again then I will have no issue in admitting what I did, but then if there’s no evidence like that, I’m totally innocent,” added Combs in the video, devoid of all emotion before then fixing his hair and giving the camera a little smile and a wink.