From The Brains That Brought You ‘Protect Women’ Comes ‘Attacking Female Politicians’


A STUNNING new piece in the field of braindead technology is being brought to market from the company which launched the market leading ‘keep are women save’.

“We’re really excited about this new release as it speaks to our core values of screaming ‘keep women safe’ but doing the opposite,” said CEO of Brainrot, John Clann, a company utilising cutting edge technology from 1930s Germany.

Launching the hotly anticipated ‘attacking female politicians’, Clann hopes accosting Green Party councillors, pulling a knife on two female Social Democrats campaigners in Smithfield and beating up the husband of an independent councillor in Ongar will be the next technological innovation that becomes commonplace in Ireland.

“At the end of the day if you’re not intimidating women, how can you look yourself in the mirror and say you’re protecting women?” added Chief Beating Irony To A Bloody Pulp Engineer at Brainrot, Alan Holgan.

While the new product is free to use, consumer experts say it will cost you whatever remaining brain cells you have left.

Side effects of the product include ‘forgetting how to spell’ when scrawling threatening graffiti on walls.