“Aw That’s A Shame Now” – World Leaders Respond To Iranian Helicopter Crash


WORLD leaders reacted this Monday morning to the death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi who was killed in a totally normal helicopter crash in mountainous terrain near Azerbaijan border during bad weather so don’t even go there, it was an accident.

“I’m confident this wasn’t us, not that the CIA would tell me anyway” – Joe Biden

“Aw that’s a shame now, Israel offers it’s deepest condolences to the trees burned during helicopter crash” – Benjamin Netanyahu

“Oh my God, you consider me a ‘world leader’? I’ve made it, I’ve finally made it! But in all seriousness, tragic stuff, sad face” – Simon Harris

“Israel has a right to defend itself” – Ursula von der Leyen

“Mad! Same thing happened my friend Yevgeny” – Putin

“Bro, was it an accident though? Yo Jamie, pull up that screengrab I saw on Telegram” – Joe Rogan

“Ah he’ll be back, just wait and see” – Dalai Lama

“Boy would I not want to be a direct or distant relative of that helicopter pilot” – Iranian Revolutionary Guard

“Getting the train is your only man” – Kim Jong Un

“Although the Ayatollah and I briefly dated, I don’t think I’ll have a song written about this until later this evening, I thank my fans for their patience” – Taylor Swift