Court Hears John Delaney Still An Awful Prick

FORMER FAI CEO John Delaney has made the news again today as part of an ongoing OCDE investigation into the financial affairs of the FAI during his disastrous tenure. The court heard of arrangements made by the corporate watchdog to clarify the nature of some documents and files with Delaney, who is currently residing and… Read more »

Where Are They Now: Covid-19

“I JUST feel like I let the entire Coronavirus name down” sighs a jaded, beaten-down Covid-19 virus as it gazed over the shimmering water of a lake beside the small, ruined shack it retreated to after its humiliating defeat by the World Health Organisation. “I had a shot to really stick it to humanity, really… Read more »

Growing Calls For Men To Be Neutered

THE PREVAILING school of thought across swathes of academic and medical fields is now spreading throughout society, with the once fringe idea of involuntarily neutering men gaining mainstream support and approval after a snap poll amongst women. The previously unthinkable measure is gaining huge backing from anyone paying fleeting attention to scandals across industries too… Read more »

Varadkar Responds To Speech Critics By Asking Who Lives In A Pineapple Under The Sea

CURRENT Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has rubbished claims that his use of a Mean Girls quote was ‘inappropriate’ in a speech about Coivd-19 restrictions during TDs questions this morning, adamant that the opposition are using anything they can to discredit the amazing work he’s done during the Coronavirus outbreak. “There are many people who aren’t asking… Read more »