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Getting A Ryanair Refund, A Guide

ACCORDING to a survey carried out by consumer group Which? Ryanair has received a refund rating of just 47% making it the worst short-haul airline for giving customers back their money. Considering this, WWN has put together this handy refund guide in getting your money back from the budget Dublin-based airline. Kidnap The Ryanair CEO… Read more »

Bulldozing An ATM For A House Deposit, A Guide

FOLLOWING news that the average deposit amount for first time buyers stands at €52,100, WWN looks at one the fastest ways to save up for a house in Ireland, bulldozing an ATM machine from the wall and using its contents as a down payment on your very first home. It may seem highly illegal and morally… Read more »

Apologising For Nothing All The Time, A Guide

ARE you worried that you’re not apologising enough for every little thing you may or may not do and feel like everyone is conscious of the fact that you don’t say sorry enough? Oh, right, you do? Wow, fair play, here’s our handy guide for apologising for nothing all the time, you anxiety filled fleshbag. Choosing… Read more »

Are You Farting Enough In Your Sleep?

RESEARCH has proven that the average human being needs to pass gas at least 18 times a night while they sleep to prevent themselves from waking up with a bloated, fart-filled stomach, but how can you be sure that you’re meeting this target? If you’re worried that lack of nocturnal emissions may be causing you some serious… Read more »

Guide To Being An Expert On Everything

HAVE you ever stumbled across a subject or area of debate that you weren’t an expert in and wished you could somehow crowbar your own opinions into the equation, but were too afraid to because you admittedly know a pitiful amount about said issue? WWN’s team of inhouse experts on experts has drafted up this handy guide… Read more »