‘Back To The Rain Again’ And Other Lines To Blurt Out To Complete Strangers


IN IRELAND it is customary to blurt out nonsensical lines to complete strangers for no apparent reason whatsoever – it’s part of our culture. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to spontaneously say to someone you’ver never met in your life, so please find some common one-liners we’ve compiled below.

“You wouldn’t want to be dying.”

This is a perfect quip to relay to anyone waiting in a medical waiting room, queue, or Irish A&E department during Winter. Uttered by many people who have actually died waiting, be sure to use this wisely and not in front of someone who is currently dying because of the backlog in HSE waiting lists.

“Back to the rain again”

This genius observation is ideal for spouting to a complete stranger when passing each other during a torrential downpour. This will alleviate any confusion as to the current status of the weather. Sometimes people can get confused and not know if it’s raining or not. This very line can be used to confirm that yes, it is raining again, in Ireland, a country known for its consistently moist weather patterns.

“At least it’s not raining anyway”.

This line is to be used in the exact opposite situation as the previous line above. A rarity; treasure this line for the 2-3 days every year when it’s not raining in Ireland.

“The fuck you looking at? Do you want your go?”

Not every conversation is civil. This line is best kept for when you’re sick of people’s shite and just want to vent your built-up rage and beat seven shades of excrement out of a stranger, or indeed, get the same number of shades bet out of you, all depending on your fitness level of course and propensity for extreme violence.

“Do you know of anywhere to rent?”

This common phrase is probably the most used of our suggested lines to blurt out to complete strangers. But seriously though, if you do know of anywhere, please leave a note in the comments section below or please DM us.

“It won’t be long now ’til Christmas.”

Again, another line best kept if you want to get the head bet off you in a physical altercation.