RTÉ Sell Marty Whelan To Longford Widow For €3.5mn Amid Revenue Dip


LONGFORD widow Sharon Reilly said she is absolutely chuffed today after securing the purchase of veteran RTÉ broadcaster Marty Whelan in a €3.5mn deal with the national broadcaster, WWN has learned.

Sold as part of a new revenue generating model laid out by newly appointed Director General Kevin Bakhurst amid a huge dip in licence fees, 67-year-young Whelan will be shipped out of Montrose by courier later this evening to Longford, where he will be put out to stud on Mrs. Reilly’s country estate.

Bakhurst told WWN about his in-house sale; “currently there’s also a huge bidding war for Marty Morrisey between a bridge club syndicate from Mayo and an organised sex trafficking gang from Lithuania – it’s early days yet but I’m pretty sure we can make up this deficit by the end of the year if we sell off a few more broadcasters”.

Foreign vulture funds are also in negotiations to buy the Fair City set and develop the homes in Carrigstown into 200 build-to-rent apartments.

“Unfortunately for Radio 1 listeners, no one wants to buy Ray D’Arcy, so he’ll be on the air for a few more years to come,” added Bakhurst.