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Cost Of Energy Rising Sharply Due To Ukraine, Covid, Brexit, Suez Canal, Climate Change, Underwhelming Game Of Thrones Finale, Everything Really

PEOPLE complaining about the soaring costs of gas and electricity have been described as ‘selfish’, as the hikes are down to the Ukraine-Russia war and there are people ‘much worse off than you right now’. “Shame on you all, you’re giving out about a measly 33% hike in gas prices when there’s families in Ukraine… Read more »

Diesel Suckers Concerned By Impact Of Rising Fuel Costs

FUEL SIPHONERS across the country have come out in protest over the declining levels of fuel left in vehicles lately, stating that it’s not even worth their time stealing petroleum-based products anymore. Protesting outside Leinster House today, dozens of self-confessed fuel thieves called on the government to reduce VAT excise on all diesel and petrol… Read more »

“That Annoying Paperclip Thing Was Jeffery Epstein’s Idea”: We Go Inside Bill Gates’ Relationship With Billionaire Pedo

AN interview with Bill Gates’ ex-wife Melinda French Gates has revealed details about the Microsoft billionaire’s relationship with the apparently suicidal pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, which she alleges irreparably fractured the Gates family’s 27-year marriage. Speaking for the first time since his ex-wife’s interview, company founder Bill Gates added that along with wrecking his marriage, Epstein… Read more »