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‘Cum-Ex’ Tax Fraud Scandal: We See How Many Disgusting Innuendos We Can Fit In One Article

WWN goes deep inside the Cum-Ex tax fraud scandal, which has seen banks, stock traders, and lawyers obtain billions from European treasuries through fraud and speculation involving dividend taxes, and this publication is ready to excitedly squirt as much information on you as possible. With Cum-Ex splashed all over the front pages, WWN has worked… Read more »

Jeff Bezos Still A Wanker, Agrees World

ALTHOUGH the world has admitted that the footage of 90-year-old Star Trek actor William Shatner floating in zero-gravity on board the Blue Origin space flight yesterday was touching, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos ‘needn’t think’ that he’s off the hook for a raft of arsehole behaviour over the last number of years. Thousands tuned in to… Read more »

Irish Power Stations Advised To Take Batteries Out, Roll Around In Hand To Get Another Few Weeks Out Of Them

ROLLING blackouts may be prevented this winter if Ireland’s power stations stick to some tried-and-trusted methods of wringing as much juice out of their batteries as they can, WWN can report. The news came from an energy think-tank in Leinster House, who stated that a ‘remote control’ approach to the nation’s power problems could help… Read more »