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Waterford Millionaire Alan Rust Completes €147,000 Purchase Of Aertel

AERTEL users are considering getting their local GAA scores and television times from an alternative source if the proposed sale of the platform to controversial Waterford compo tycoon Alan Rust goes through as planned this weekend. Rust, who made his fortune with years of slip-n-fall claims around the country, has offered RTÉ approximately €147,000 for… Read more »

Twitter Users Return To Facebook With Tail Between Legs

‘WELL, well, well!’ stated Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg today, as Twitter refugees arrived back to his social media platform by the thousand amid chaos over on Elon Musk’s flailing app. “Would you look who it is, the same people who said Facebook was ‘too boring’, ‘too full of Minions memes’, ‘too much of a platform… Read more »

No Evidence That Relying On Handful Of Multi-Nationals For Majority Of Tax Intake Could Back Fire In Anyway

POLICY experts and government advisers have confirmed once again that the vast bulk of the Nation’s corporation tax revenue coming from a handful of companies is merely a sign of an incredibly secure, vibrant and in no way overexposed economy, WWN can reveal. Latest exchequer figures show the State is on course for a record… Read more »