Wix Hires Irish Woman After Social Media Post Praising Deaths In Gaza


AN ENTERPRISING young Irish woman has ‘met the moment’ and secured a position with a leading tech company, even bypassing the interview phase of recruitment in the process.

“Yay, I guess? Go team” wrote Sarah Cleenan on her LinkedIn responding to a news article which detailed how Gazan hospitals are struggling to keep patients alive including premature babies amid a fuel shortage.

“Israel is very Western and European though, unlike them Palestinians. Hello recruiters, notice me!” added Cleenan in another LinkedIn comment echoing Wix’s internal emails to staff, writing this time under a story about how Al Jazeera journalist Wael al-Dahdouh’s wife, son, daughter and grandson were killed in an airstrike on Nuseirat refugee camp in the centre of Gaza as he reported on the airstrikes.

It is believed this posting gained the attention of HR personnel at Wix HQ who immediately offered her a job, stating her character, ethics and work output were clearly beyond reproach.

“I’d just urge people to be careful,” confirmed one recruiter, “remember your social media profiles, if public, can be seen by anyone and you always run the risk of being hired as a result of blanket defence of war crimes”.

Elsewhere, Israeli PM and corruption trial participant Benjamin Netanyahu has said his war cabinet will seek to remove the word ‘ceasefire’ from the Hebrew dictionary as families of kidnapped Israelis continue to call for one.

Meanwhile, US president Joe Biden confirmed ‘that’s war old sport’ when told of the continuing civilian deaths in Gaza and of the fact starvation could be imminent in the region as it is currently receiving just 2% of its usual food supply.