98% Of Conversations In Ireland Ripping The Piss Out Of Some Poor C**t


ACCORDING to a new study, the large majority of conversations in Ireland involve ripping the absolute piss out of some poor cunt, WWN reports.

Carried out by an elite team of researchers who spent 12 months recording random conversations around the country, there was always some poor cunt being torn to shreds for what can only be described as sheer entertainment.

“Ah, there was no malice in the conversations at all,” researcher Terry Heinz confirmed, “we found that Irish people just love to rip the bollocks out of friends and family members when they’re not around by parodying their voice or character traits, or belittling everything they do; it’s nothing but pure harmless craic, is all”.

Whether it be slagging the subject over a speech impediment, physical disability or just a lower-than-average IQ, researchers found that the harmless banter dominated conversations, leading to a similarly high incident rate of burning ears.

“Ireland reports the highest levels of burning ears on the planet, and this has nothing to do with climate change,” added Heinz, “if you find your ears suddenly reddening, it’s sure to be someone you hold close to your heart destroying your character and good name for nothing else only laughs – just be thankful someone is talking about you”.