“Only One Robbing Us Is You” Customers Tell Electric Ireland After Being Told To Check Accounts For Fraud


ELECTRIC Ireland customers caught up in a suspected data breach at the energy supplier have been told to go back two years to check if their bank accounts have been hacked, and to even cancel their debit and credit cards, sparking a wave of very similar responses.

“Nope, checked there, the only one robbing me the past two years is you shower of bastards,” said sick-of-this-shit Electric Ireland customer Damien Hurley, “all I see is you raising the prices several times in the past two years and my gas bill is up by 300%, is this fraud – if not then it should be”.

It is understood that an individual at a call centre used by Electric Ireland gained access to the financial details of 8,000 customers of the energy supplier, not that it matters as most of its customers are broke from trying to keep up paying the profit hungry company which announced a surge in profits of 30% last year.

“Hundreds of businesses closing due to their looting of customers bank accounts over the past two years under the guise of ‘war in Ukraine’, pensioners dying from the cold because they couldn’t pay their bills, surely they could have afforded a better security system to, you know, take care of all that money they’ve been extorting from hard working people,” voiced one of the many retail, restaurant and cafe owners made redundant by their prices.

It is not known if the government will give energy credits to any customers who have been affected by the data breach, however inside sources have predicted that they seriously fucking doubt it.