DrinkAware.ie Celebrates 50th Website Visitor


AFTER almost twenty years, Drinkaware.ie is celebrating its 50th site hit today in a special ceremony, WWN has learned.

Presenting the prize to the 50th person to visit the charity’s website, County Galway man James Freecastle was presented with a special plaque congratulating him for his visit.

“I was looking for cheap drink ware to buy for the Christmas,” Mr. Freecastle told WWN, “to be honest I didn’t even remember clicking, what does it do again?”

Drinkaware.ie, a charity funded by the alcohol industry in a bid to make some good out being one of the biggest killing drugs in the known world, thanked the Galway man and his 49 predecessors for their clicks, stating that they are looking forward to the next 50 clicks from concerned Irish drinkers over the next 20 years.

“It was at 49 for ages,” a spokesperson for the ‘charity’ recalled the special moment, “we had to double check the click wasn’t just an AI bot trawling the site,” adding, “that’s 50 people in Ireland currently aware about the dangers of alcohol, which makes it all worthwhile”.