Wikipedia Founder Offers Musk $1 Billion Euros To Go Fuck Himself


WIKIPEDIA co-founder Jimbo Wales has made a counteroffer to X owner and full-time man-child Elon Musk who took to his social media account to offer the online encylcopedia a generous donation if they were willing to rename their site, Dickipedia.

“I’m willing to pay Elon one billion dollars to kindly go and fuck himself, because let’s face it, no one else will do it for free,” Wales began before editing Musk’s Wiki page, “Elon Musk is a sad looking haunted testicle, a Wish version of Howard Hughes if Howard Hughes was a paraplegic sloth, a poster boy for knuckle dragging morons whose best traits were left running down his father’s leg post conception,” adding, “I can’t wait  for the day when yet more of your seedy secrets come to light so I can personally include them into your Wikipedia page”.

Wales then officially changed Wikipedia’s name to at a cost of $12, before editing more entries in Musk’s Wiki, including:

It’s unclear why Musk appears to dislike the democratic, peer-reviewed website which prides itself on accuracy and is trusted by people..

Writing ‘Thin-skinned little cunt’ beside entry of him accusing a British cave diver instrumental in rescuing a trapped football team of being a “pedo guy” because he, like others, said Musk’s idea to send in an as yet uninvented small submarine wouldn’t work for a time sensitive rescue operation, before then hiring a private investigator for $50,000 to dig up dirt on the hero because he made him look stupid.

Renamed links to various podcasts he was on to ‘Charisma of lobotomy patient’.

Changed Musk’s Wiki picture to a screaming child having a tantrum.

Under aliases for Musk, Wales listed ‘Space Karen’, ‘Horse For A Happy Ending Guy’, ‘Phony Stark’, ‘Tries To Edit Own Wiki Entry’, ‘Emerald Mine-your-own-business’ and ‘Apartheid Clyde’.