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Elizabeth Holmes Asks To See Out Prison Sentence In Metaverse

FOUND guilty of defrauding investors, former Silicon Valley high flier and Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes faces actual regular people time in prison but lawyers representing the 37-year-old have asked for a special dispensation. “Elizabeth has been found guilty of fraudulently claiming her invention, which did not work at all, was going to change the world… Read more »

Businesses Paying Dividends While On Covid Subsidies Very Different To Lazy Workers Claiming The PUP, Insist Businesses

SOME BUSINESSES in Ireland have sought to clarify their decision to avail of Covid subsidies for struggling businesses and paying out massive dividends to shareholders and how it’s completely different from what those thieving workshy lazy PUP claimants are at. “No they’re either dirty, grubby or pampered students stealing the PUP, which is paid for… Read more »

Burrito Place Implements Mandatory Tattoo Policy For Staff

APPLICANTS for customer-facing roles at a new Waterford burrito bar will require a minimum of one arm completely covered in tattoos, although people with a face-full of piercings will also be favourably considered. “We can’t be the only burrito place in town where the staff all have their natural hair colour” explained Luke Ingleson, owner… Read more »

No Pay Increase, Same Mistreatment: All The Steps Some Businesses Are Taking To Fill Vacancies

MANY BUSINESSES in the retail, hospitality and services industries are struggling to find staff at this very difficult and precarious time for Irish businesses. Many debate the reasons and factors behind this, but what are the solutions to this labour shortage crisis? We spoke to some outspoken business owners who believe they have the answers:… Read more »