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Review: Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories

ANTI-PRIVACY fanatics have welcomed Facebook’s latest addition to a long list of intrusive products with its Ray-Ban partnership sunglasses called Ray-Ban Stories which lets users of the platform take pictures and record first person video footage without ever having to take out their phones, or let other people know you’re recording them.  In a bid… Read more »

Jenner Corp Confirm Franchise Expansion Plans

THE news of the latest acquisition which will not be online for another few months, has sent anticipation among consumers through the roof and the hype is such that shares in Jenner Corp rose by 12%. “Further consolidating and building on a previous merger, this acquisition allows us to offer customers of Jenner Corp greater… Read more »

Gardaí To Kidnap-Proof Themselves As They Investigate Quinn Gambling Company

OUT of an abundance of caution Gardaí are to act on a recommendation from the public that they ‘kidnap-proof’ themselves ahead of investigating the Quinn family’s QuinnBet gambling firm. “If you’re squeamish at all about being branded by violent kidnappers, I’d suggest kidnap-proofing alright,” advised someone who has previously read Quinn related news. Gardaí are… Read more »

Restaurant Association Backs Plans For Double Decker Tables To Make Up For Lost Business

THE RESTAURANT Association of Ireland is keeping the pressure on the government to lift existing restrictions and have taken efforts one step further with a practical solution which is set to revolutionise the pandemic dining experience. “The government must back our ‘piling tables on top of one another double decker style’ initiative or face the… Read more »