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Uber Joins Facebook, Hugo Boss & Lockheed Martin In List Of Companies Local Man Expected More Of

THE FALLOUT from the Uber leaks which detailed a trail of underhanded lobbying and potential law breaking has left local aspiring entrepreneur and serial LinkedIn status updater Devin O’Loughlan shook to his very core. “That’s really out of character for the sort of market disruptors I’ve come to know and love,” remarked the ambitious and… Read more »

Incredible Job Interview Tips

IN THE MARKET for a new job? WWN Business has you covered with sensible and often overlooked job interview tips for when you’re sitting down with your prospective new employers. Recruiters are sick of the boring, same old preprepared answers – stand out by answering questions using interpretative dance or fire breathing. Where do you… Read more »

Irish Workers Make Transfer Bid For Mick Lynch

WITH THE summer transfer window open, there’s plenty of interest in rail union boss Mick Lynch with Irish workers in the market for someone who can advocate for better pay and working conditions on their behalf. Lynch came to the attention of Irish workers in dire need of a pay increase after skillful displays on… Read more »

Council Unveil New Local Digital Hub For Remote Workers

MINISTER FOR RURAL and Community Development, Heather Humphreys recently announced the government will pay for 10,000 remote working days at hot desking hubs around the country as funding for expanding and refurbishing hubs is also made available. Many workers will be keen to avail of such an offer but it’s important to know the exact… Read more »

Crypto Crash: Who Could Have Seen This Coming?

INVESTORS around the world were left reeling after the sudden plunge in value across all cryptocurrencies, a $300bn wipe-out that blindsided crypto bros, long considered to be some of the smarted people alive. “All of my Sploosheum, my Deeznutscoins, all worthless right now,” said one crestfallen 24-year-old investor, who up until yesterday was certain that the… Read more »