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YouTube Opens First Ever Video Library For People Looking To Do Their Own Research

VIDEO streaming platform YouTube have unveiled their first ever public video library in Dublin in a bid to facilitate a surging number of people choosing to ‘do their own research’, WWN can report. The three-story modern style building will house walk-in streaming booths with access to YouTube’s vast array of independently produced, unresearched and unregulated… Read more »

Sure, God Love Him

FACEBOOK founder Mark Zuckerberg announced yesterday that the company is to change its parent company name to ‘Meta’ as part of a major rebrand, bless his cotton socks. Sure, God love the 37-year-old following a live stream pitch which detailed his newly coined Metaverse and saw Zuckerberg attempt to bury 18 years of moral malpractice… Read more »

Nothing Of Significance Revealed In ‘Facebook Papers’ Leak [SPONSORED]

A HUGE trove of leaked documents from inside Facebook released this week has shown absolutely nothing of significance to incriminate the social media giant so there’s no need to worry, please keep using it, an unprompted WWN can confirm. Allegations from staff that Facebook prioritised engagement of its users over their safety are totally unfounded,… Read more »

‘Cum-Ex’ Tax Fraud Scandal: We See How Many Disgusting Innuendos We Can Fit In One Article

WWN goes deep inside the Cum-Ex tax fraud scandal, which has seen banks, stock traders, and lawyers obtain billions from European treasuries through fraud and speculation involving dividend taxes, and this publication is ready to excitedly squirt as much information on you as possible. With Cum-Ex splashed all over the front pages, WWN has worked… Read more »