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Estate Agent Is Back Baby! He’s Back!

IT’S been a long, hard road out of hell for Waterford estate agent Cody Lenehan, but he’s finally in a position where he can kick back and ‘let the houses sell themselves’ once again. “Yeah there’s an offer already in on that property, 20 over asking. No wait, 25 over asking, yeah that’s what I… Read more »

Cost Of Energy Rising Sharply Due To Ukraine, Covid, Brexit, Suez Canal, Climate Change, Underwhelming Game Of Thrones Finale, Everything Really

PEOPLE complaining about the soaring costs of gas and electricity have been described as ‘selfish’, as the hikes are down to the Ukraine-Russia war and there are people ‘much worse off than you right now’. “Shame on you all, you’re giving out about a measly 33% hike in gas prices when there’s families in Ukraine… Read more »