Man To Drop One More Choc-Ice All Over Himself, For Old Times Sake


AS an emotional farewell to the recently discontinued HB Choc-Ice, Waterford man Eoghan Ryan will recreate the summers of his youth by letting one ruin a top that was only put on him that morning.

Ryan, now 39, has arranged a day out with his elderly parents to Tramore where he will ask them if he can use money that he brought from home to get himself a Choc-Ice, and then destroy the back seat of the car by eating it as messily as possible.

“This could be my last opportunity to have my Da call me a sloppy little bollocks,” said Ryan, one of thousands nationwide who were heartbroken to hear that HB were going to stop making an ice-cream they hadn’t bought in 20 years.

“I’m going to eat it like any child would- bite off the top and the edges, then try and slide the big bit of chocolate off in one go. Save that while you eat the ice-cream, and then discover that the chocolate has melted in your fingers and now it’s on you, the seat, the dog, everywhere. One last rodeo, here we go”.

HB have not announced the cancellation of any more ice-creams, opting instead to just make them smaller and smaller every year until they phase out of existence completely.