On This Day 2024: Genocide Livestreamed On Internet To Indifference Of World


THE ONGOING starvation and indiscriminate murder of Palestinians in Gaza has continued unabated today to much shoulder shrugging, WWN can report.

In what historians of the future will surely pinpoint as a nadir for the western ‘rules based order’ and end to any boasts of being a moral authority over the rest of the world, the 8th of May 2024 scrolled by to much indifference despite humanity being at the unique point in history at which Gazans are able to document their slow unceasing eradication by the IDF online at every turn.

“Never have we had as much evidence, freely available to every living human to bear witness to, and had such a potent mix of apathy,” remarked one person, who believed themselves to be in throes of insanity due to the observing the horrors emanating from Gaza alongside observing excitable conversations between coworkers of the latest much watch true crime documentaries.

Various governments around the world issued the usual statements which had no material affect nor threatened any sanctions against Benjamin Netanyahu’s war crime committing government. Despite the IDF themselves uploading footage of their tanks launching missiles at tents among other indefensible acts, elected politicians in the EU and America made sure to say things like ‘we respect Israel’s right to defend itself’.

“We’re living through history,” offered another person, discussing yet another embarrassing Champion’s League exit for PSG.

Elsewhere, the livestreaming continued.