Perfect Venue For Zuckerberg & Musk Fight Identified


FRESH from entirely inaccurate reporting by the media which treats the prospect of a cage fight between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk as a very real thing which is definitely happening comes the news that a venue has been secured for the bout.

“This isn’t just any ordinary fight, a tawdry venue like the MGM Grand or MSG wouldn’t do these two behemoth billionaires justice,” said promoter Fred Finch.

“There’s a clear front runner with the public, they’d love these unique guys go toe to toe in a unique venue, hence 45 million people signing the petition to have them fight on an Oceangate vessel bound for the wreck of the Titanic in just the last 15 minutes”.

Finch confirmed that while the vessel is small, the exclusive nature of the venue means tickets could be sold for as much as $250,000 a pop.

“This is set to gain a record pay-per-view audience solely because these men are elite specimens, and absolutely not because people would really like to see them crushed inside a tin can at 12,000ft below sea level,” confirmed Finch.

Fighting experts suggest that Elon Musk has an advantage being the taller man with a body mass and shape akin to a gelatinous rhombus made entirely from extremely pale jelly but some are not discounting Mark Zuckerberg just yet.

“With a skeletal structure made entirely from metal and pre-programming instructions to kill all mankind I think Zuckerberg has the edge,” confirmed MMA reporter Ariel Helwani.