Mix Up: Aldi & Lidl Staff Spent Year Working In Rival Supermarkets Without Realising


COMPETING routine HR reviews actioned by senior staff at both Lidl and Aldi revealed that a number of absent-minded staff accidentally worked a full year in the rival brand supermarket after straying onto the premises one day.

“How did we not catch this sooner,” marveled a Lidl HR manager reviewing CCTV footage which showed one Aldi-clad worker put in a year’s worth of work in Lidl while going undiscovered.

“Sure, the public sort of smash us together as interchangeable and one in the same but for our own employees to do it? Wow,” confirmed a joint statement for Aldi and Lidl.

One Lidl employee who worked a year in Aldi by accident defended their blunder.

“It’s not a stupid as it sounds, I was particularly tired one day and I must have walked into Aldi by mistake but c’mon the manager in Aldi was also called a stern woman called Magda and it’s not like there were loads of staff buzzing around, the shop floor is a ghost town,” explained Ciaran Tiernan.

At least 28 staff nationwide, from both retailers, made similar errors however disruption at affected branches remained minimal.

“Their middle aisle also had a special offer a 4-in-1 toaster/vacuum/power washer/home gym combo that same week, I’m not taking the blame for this, they need to sort making sure their vibes aren’t so identical,” explained the Lidl and Aldi CEOs who unwittingly had switched places for the year as well.