Girlfriend In One Of Those Weird Moods Where She Holding Fact You’re Married With 3 Kids Against You


LOCAL Nevin McDaid is at his wit’s end as his girlfriend of two years Clare Clossey is in one her weird moods again and he just can’t win no matter how he tries to reason with her, WWN can reveal.

“Ah it’s her ‘monthly’ or something because I came in at 2am there Tuesday night and she flipped the lid, it’s like she doesn’t appreciate how hard it is for me to sneak out of the house without the wife knowing,” McDaid told WWN.

“And yeah, I did say I’d leave the wife and kids but that’s something you say when the young one you’re riding is threatening to end things, if I’d knew she thought I was serious… I’d still say it but be more vague and not agree to a timeline for leaving my family,” added McDaid, who’s no sexist but some women, huh?

Arms crossed and a frown on her like a shark dipped in chili, Ms Clossey (25) has remained non-verbal for much of the evening and on the opposite couch to McDaid, who feels he might as well be talking to Myra Hindley such are the evil eyes she’s giving him.

“I don’t know where she gets out being so mand, she knew what she was getting into when I eventually came clean a year in about having a wife and kids,” offered McDaid.

“My big fear is I’ve been sitting here for 2 hours in silence and not so much as a rope pull, and I know she’s just going to flip the lid when I tell her I’ve to get home to the missus in a bit on account of it being our anniversary and that,” McDaid added, a man with the patience of a saint.