Irish People Explain Why Alcoholic Stereotype Is Offensive


AT TIMES it was dealt with a polite nod or having to just grin and bare the finger pointing and the accusations but that time is over. Here below, a growing number of Irish people are calling for an end to the xenophobic stereotype of Ireland being a nation of alcoholics:

“Stereotyping people is unfair. I don’t go around telling English people they are tea-swilling posh colonialist enslavers. Well I do, but only after a few drinks” – Michael, Wicklow.

“It’s awful, you can’t escape it abroad. I’ve been to countless countries and I can’t walk into a bar without someone offering to buy me a pint after they learn I’m Irish. Must have saved thousands in pint spending money, horrible stuff” – Tom, Cork.

“So what, you think we’re a nation of alcoholics is it? I’ll have you know that at least one of my 12 aunts never touched a drop of drink in her life since her husband kicked her out there last week” – Fiona, Louth.

“Dismissing a whole country according to an outdated stereotype designed to dehumanise them is inaccurate except when talking about them stuck up rude French pricks” – Rachel, Galway.

“It shouldn’t be the first thing people think of when they mention Irish people, we’re so much more than that; we’re bitter, small-minded and hold a grudge like no one else” – Ciara, Offaly.

“Shut up will ya, that fucking stereotype is worth a few billion to the tourist economy. Play it the fuck up” – Fáilte Ireland.