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Dozens Of Lilt Men Made Redundant

THERE go the Lilt men. Lilt! Lilt, it had a totally tropical taste; pineapple and grapefruit and has now been discontinued after 48-years leaving dozens of Caribbean drivers across the world redundant. “Wagwan?” asked one former Lilt man at a protest over redundancy packages outside Leinster House today, where Lilt trucks brought traffic to a… Read more »

Multinationals Reassure Soon To Be Fired Employees That Profits Won’t Be Harmed

AN INCREASING number of emotionless CEOs, reading from the ChatGPT prompt ‘have to tell employees they’re fired but capitalism will be okay’ have taken time out of their busy schedules to reassure recently terminated employees that there is no need for panic or tears as the company’s profits will go relatively unharmed. “We’ve got to… Read more »