Ways The Richest 1% Are Trying To Reduce Their Carbon Emissions


AS THE COP28 summit rumbles on, the richest 1% in the world have made historic pledges to reduce their carbon emissions, pledges which include:

Jeff Bezos is moving the Bahamas to his Washington home to save on jet travel.

Billionaires support imposing of higher taxes on 66% poorest on planet who are creating as many emissions as richest 1%.

Elon Musk has pledged to install plastics bin on his private jet.

Bill Gates has agreed to limit the number of mind-controlling 5G towers he builds next year to just 523,409.

BP have offered every attendee at COP28 a free barrel of oil in exchange for not bringing up their destruction of the planet.

Rupert Murdoch has pledged to ramp up his media outlets’ attempts to paint Just Stop Oil protesters as more damaging to humanity than the IDF.

Taylor Swift has said she will set a rabid group of Swifties on anyone who brings attention to her use private jet use.

Françoise Bettencourt Meyers has decided to avoid Brussel sprouts this year in a bid to keep her emissions down.

Advertising companies have confirmed they are hoping to increase the amount of money they are paid by CEOs of big polluting companies to come up with warm and fuzzy ad campaigns to make it look like they’re going green.

COP president Sultan Ahmed Al-Jaber, also head of UAE state oil giant ADNOC, said he was willing to fight Mary Robinson in the octagon with the winner getting control of the UAE’s fossil fuel decisions.

Larry Page is changing his name to Larry Tree in a bid to reverse the deforestation of the Amazon.

Kylie Jenner will no longer use plastic in her body.

Jay Z has formally added ‘climate change’ to his list of 99 problems.

Vladimir Putin, believed by some to be worth as much as $3bn has said he won’t be doing anything extra as he’s already doing enough through his efforts at reducing the planet’s headcount.