Ireland’s Tech Workers Explain What Their Job Entails


HIGH PACED, high pressure and handsomely paid; for many the country’s tech workers are to be envied and respected.

But with such a diverse range of job specs and disciplines accompanied with intimidating and confusing sounding terms, it can be hard to discern what it is these people do. In a bid to gain a better understanding, WWN asked some of the country’s tech workers to explain what their job involves:

“Oh, you wouldn’t understand, it’s too complicated” – Devan Keenan, IT Support Engineer.

“I’m a dreamer, an envisioner, big sky thinker. I’m sort of tasked with changing the face of tomorrow’s fucking world, saving lives” – Angela Martins, e-Commerce exec.

“Removing all the kill switches on those little creepy dog robots that definitely won’t kill you, trust me” – Michel Aubert, Robotic Process Automation Consultant.

“I’m the cunt who puts those braying laughing donkeys on the Facebook videos your Da thinks are hilarious” – Josh Connes, Irritation Analyst at Facebook.

“I don’t know, and thankfully neither does my boss” – Keith Harrison, Network Administrator.

“I consider the time I spend in online forums giving out to people for not disclosing their salaries a full-time job” – Arhaan Panday, DevOps engineer.

“Oh me? Mostly crying after having a meeting with a client” – Rhys Panton, UX Designer.

“Chiefly, I optimise things, for optimisation purposes with a view to further optimisation of the optimising process” – John Daly, Chief Optimisation Officer.

“If I told you that I’d have to kill you, hahaha” – Jordana Steinman, Head of Slyly Looking At Everyone’s Personal Data at Instagram.