New Energy Saving Xmas Lights Only Turn On When Someone Is Watching


A NEW Christmas light which only turns on when you’re looking is expected to save the world billions of euros in energy bills and has been hailed as ‘revolutionary’ by environmentalists across the planet.

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” questioned inventor of the lights, Irishman Paddy White from Tipperary, “this paradox always fascinated me; the idea that something doesn’t exist unless it’s seen sparked a light bulb moment in me, excuse the pun”.

Much like how a fridge light turns off when the door closes – WWN has checked this in our canteen earlier using a GoPro – the new Xmas lights contain sensors which detect eye-movements in observers.

“It’s designed to light up a millisecond before it comes into your peripheral vision so it looks like they’ve been on all the time,” White described his invention.

“You don’t need a light on if you’re not looking, so what’s the point of having your Christmas lights on when you can’t enjoy them?” the 49-year-old added, before being asked if the technology could be used better elsewhere. “I never really thought about it. There’s probably no need to patent it either as I’m pretty sure this tech is only useful on Christmas lights and nothing else”.