Dublin Man Mortified After Filling Jeep Up With Normal Diesel Instead Of Premium


RANGE Rover Sport owner James Keegan has voiced his disgust at an unnamed fuel station today after it refused to extract diesel from his tank after he mistakenly filling it with normal diesel instead of premium.

Threatening to take the franchise station to court, Keegan claimed he’s mortified driving around on the cheap yellow label fuel, hoping no one will notice his mistake.

“Like, the premium and normal pumps are almost identical. Plus being right beside each other doesn’t help matters, either, ja’know?” the 37-year-old Killiney man, who actually lives in Ballybrack said, explain his predicament.

Wearing a baseball hat and glasses to hide his shame, Keegan contemplated trading in his 232 reg SUV for a newer version but was told there was no 233 regs and that he’d have to wait until the new year.

“The bloody Rover is ruined now,” he added mid-tantrum, “I was meant to meet the guys later at the K, there’s no way I’m driving up in this; they’ll smell the culchie fumes a mile away”.

Despite extortionate fuel prices over the past two years, certain stations continue to flaunt premium diesel at motorists, defending the option by stating, ‘there’s always someone out there with notions’.