Must Be Nice For Overworked Retail Worker To See So Much Xmas Cheer


ONE SHOPPER has astutely observed that the tired and stressed out retail worker currently being berated by an equally stressed out manager is so lucky to be able to work day in, day out amidst wall-to-wall Christmas displays and music.

“Imagine. The happy faces, the merriment in serving excited customers buying gifts for loved ones, how marvelous and they get to wear a Santa hat too!” rejoiced Angela Connell.

“The Little kideens excitedly screaming, aw stop, I’d quit my well paid job which has no public interaction in a heartbeat and swap places with you,” Connell told the worker as she trapped her in a conversation that was eating up precious time in her lunch break that she’s being forced to work through today anyway.

Connell, who confirmed she couldn’t imagine becoming irritated by having to listen to Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas’ 27 times a day, continued to share her observations which she presumed were welcome given the undeniable presence of whimsical Christmas magic in the air.

“Oh, and the queues. The queues! What a buzz, ooh don’t you wish it could be like this all year round,” added Connell unaware how close she came to being murdered on the spot.