Ways To Get Your Children To Spend Less Time On Their Phones


EVERY PARENT has the best of intentions in trying to resist the pleas of their children when it comes to buying them their first phone, but try as you might you eventually capitulate.

Now they spend every waking minute on their phones, but is there a way to ween them off their phones and protect them from the damaging effects of overexposure to the internet and all its associated risks?

Here’s what parenting expert Michael Dalton suggests parents can try:

Show them your social media accounts, once they experience the immense cringe and embarrassment at your online presence they’ll never want to handle a phone again.

Introduce them to something more addictive, like drugs.

Warn them that for every hour they spend on their phones they will receive a new anecdote about your various medical problems, including but not limited to, your piles.

Move them onto the slightly larger distraction machine that is the iPad or games console.

Go slowly insane until you become one of those weirdos that vows to live off the grid and without any of modern life’s trappings such as all forms of technology and electricity.

Bribery; in exchange for spending 30 mins away from their phone reward them with an hour on their phone.