0% Of Landlord TDs Skipped Collecting Rents So Tenants Could Eat


FOLLOWING a Barnardos report that found 40% of parents across the country have skipped meals so their children would have enough to eat, a spin-off report found 0% of landlord TDs skipped collecting rents so tenants could do the same.

According to 2023’s annual return, 31 TDs derived an income from being a landlord last year, with the majority of them voting down a Sinn Féin motion in January to end the bulk purchase of homes by vulture funds.

The report found 0% of Ireland’s landlord TDs forfeited collecting rents from their tenants so that they could catch a financial break considering the vast salary and expenses politicians make from benefiting from their own politics.

“You can’t be suggesting TDs with vested interests in accumulating revenue from renting refuse to act on one of the biggest reasons why people can’t buy homes and are renting – vulture funds>” one analyst pointed out, “Surely that’s like allowing a wolf shepherd a flock of sheep”.

Today’s Food Insecurity Research launched today by children’s charity Barnardos also found that 24% of Irish parents have had to borrow money for food last year – in Ireland – a country whose finance minister regularly boasts about GDP figures fluffed up by tax-shy multinationals.

“We’re the best little boys and girls in Europe,” defended Minister for Public Expenditure, Paschal Donohoe, “the people may be struggling to make ends meet here but the most important thing is the IMF are happy with us, and that’s all that really matters”.

“If you can’t afford food, don’t have stomachs it’s simple as that. Anyway, since I’m so comfortable in life I choose to read this news of 41% of parents forgoing food as proof that Ireland is perfect and these welfare-addicted socialists need to fend for themselves,” confirmed one Fine Gael voter digesting the news.