Trump Voters Reveal The Only Things That Would Stop Them From Voting For Him


A DIVISIVE presidential election lies ahead for the American people this November as they contemplate having to vote for either the incumbent Joe Biden or former president Donald Trump.

Known for their loyalty and appetite for not acknowledging reality, some diehard Trump supporters were asked what is the one and only thing that would prevent them from voting for him. Here is what they said:

“I’d never look at him the same if he started dating Taylor Swift. He’s a 10, she’s a 1 at best” – Kaylee Strauss, nurse.

“If there’s one thing I hate more than someone being fined over $400mn for participating in fraud or being found guilty of sexual assault in a civil suit, it’s admitting you’re wrong. The day he does that I’m gone” – Devon Simmonds, police officer.

“Y’know, if he died I’d be a shame but I don’t see him not being alive as a reason not to vote for him. My wife voted for him last election, and technically she’s been dead 12 years” – Ben Smith, pastor.

“If he developed a human quality, of any kind, I couldn’t abide that” – Alma Stein, retired teacher.

“It’s not a deal breaker for everyone but if he’s supportive of another Spice Girls reunion without Posh Spice he’s lost me as a voter” – Andrew Foley, waiter.

“The stuff with his daughter, frankly it’s creepy and I love creepy so if he eased up on that at all I’d have to vote the other guy” – John Tranton, lurker behind bushes.

“The second he shows even the slightest sign that he has any authoritarian leanings, that it’s, nah, I’m out but at the risk of sounding naive I think we’re in the clear there” – Susan Chambers, small business owner.