Ming Becomes First Politician To Ever Genuinely Use Term ‘My Social Media Was Hacked’


A NIGHTMARE ordeal is drawing to a close for Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan after former European parliamentary assistant Diarmuid Hayes admitted to, and was convicted in court of, hacking the MEP’s Twitter account and sending out a tweet which had the potential to cause reputational damage.

“This has to be a record first, a politician correctly and honestly using the term ‘my social media was hacked’,” confirmed political expert Liam Courtney, “that excuse is usually reserved for politicians who let the mask slip and tweet ‘kill the poor’ or ‘Gaelic football has gone to shite’ after a few glasses of wine”.

Experts have asked the public not to get their hopes up and expect a new era of transparency among politicians as Flanagan being a completely innocent victim in a hacking case will likely remain a freakish, one-off occurrence.

“Yeah, this sort of ‘I was fraped’ explanation is usually an excuse, like for example, you could see Fine Gael politicians use it now to explain away being pictured with a former party councillor who stands accused of allegedly using stolen money from a charity to pay for sex workers,” added Courtney, in an example of something that happened.

“Or maybe used by Sinn Féin members to explain away being pictured with the son of a former Sinn Féin councillor who was arrested as part of a recent crystal meth seizure in Kerry,” added Courtney, in an example of something that also happened, prompting some members of the public to say, ‘what the fuck is in the water supply these days?’.

UPDATE: Oddly, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar refused to claim he was hacked when he recently stated that Ireland shouldn’t increase its housing supply ‘too quickly’.