Here’s What Happened In The Final Episode Of ‘The Crown’


THE MUCH anticipated final episode of Netflix drama ‘The Crown has aired, but just what featured in those final scenes?

WWN Culture reveals all:

The episode opens with an angry Queen whipping her son Andrew after his infamous BBC interview, throwing him into a sauna while screaming ‘oh you’ll sweat now you nonce!’

There’s a touching flashback to when William first met Kate Middleton when he picked her up at the Demure Stepford Royal Mate factory warehouse.

In a truly moving scene the Queen attends to the bed of her late husband Philip in his final moments. Surrounded by family, Philip gracefully slips away but not before uttering one last racial slur.

Following the scenes involving ‘ghost Diana’ the writers of The Crown employ another clever literary device when Harry’s frostbit penis appears on screen and provides commentary on William and Kate’s wedding.

Prince George asks his father Prince William why his dad is trending on Twitter and what does the hashtag ‘PrinceofPegging’ mean?

Meghan Markle, channeling her inner Catherine Zeta Jones in Entrapment manoeuvres through red security lasers at the palace before successfully assassinating the Queen.

The Queen appears in a vision to David Beckham as he waits in the queue to pay his respects. “It’s you David, it’s always been you,” the Queen says before putting her crown on Beckham’s head as everyone cheers.