RTÉ Viewers All Saying Same Thing After Dermot Bannon Traps ‘Room To Improve’ Couple In Glass Prison In His Basement


RTÉ’S SMASH hit property show Room To Improve produced yet another episode which saw Dermot Bannon’s creative input majorly dividing viewers and prompting the same reaction.

Ennis couple Triona and Martin Healy had big plans for their dormer bungalow which had been in Triona’s family for three generations but not everyone thought Dermot’s big ideas were great.

“Surprise, surprise, more window obsession from Dermot,” complained one RTI viewer, as Dermot led the Clare couple by gunpoint to a prison cell in a secret basement in his home, which was made entirely of glass.

“I get Dermot’s point about ‘I can see everything, there’s no escaping me’ but has the man ever had a non-window idea LOL,” shared another viewer.

“What is he like, loves glass everywhere,” said another RTI viewer on Instagram showing clips of Triona and Martin begging Bannon to give them some water.

“He gets a fair bit of flak but I love what he’s done. When Martin tried to dig an escape tunnel in the corner with his fingernails, the big glass door panel meant Dermot caught him straight away,” shared another viewer, showing not everyone agreed with the criticism.