Lad Logs Into Social Media Account He Rarely Uses To Post Random Football Statement


“NO way was that off-side, VAR is a shambles,” posted rarely seen social media user Neil Tobin today, after what seems like a two-year hiatus from social media feeds.

The cryptic football post left many lucky enough to see it bewildered.

“Who the fucking hell is this aimed at?” asked one friend, who hasn’t seen or heard from Tobin in a decade, “you can’t just say nothing for years and then just rock up onto your social media with a vague football quote mate, I forget who you even support”.

The bizarre update has sparked some experts in social media psychology to analyse Tobin’s mindset, likening him to someone who suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome.

“We believe Football TS may be an actual condition as this kind of behaviour is fairly common with ‘lads’ in their late 30s upwards,” professor Martin Green explained his diagnosis, “we have found that the sufferers are usually watching a game at home on their own surrounded by their family so they’ve no real way to vent their opinions or converse and feel the need to instead voice them online, even if no one cares or indeed reads their posts”.

It is believed the condition also causes the sufferer to constantly check on how their random football posts are doing every 5 minutes before deleting it the following day out of the shame it didn’t receive any interactions.