Osama Bin Laden Just A Misunderstood Cuddly Teddy Bear, TikTokers Learn


WITH A letter from the planner of the 9/11 terror attacks going viral on TikTok, a whole new generation are learning of his cuddly ways.

TikTok, chiefly known for fun trends and being the most effective way to kill your brain cells, has been awash with reaction videos to notorious cuddly teddy bear Bin Laden’s ‘Letter To America’ published in 2002.

“My mind is more blown than those fucking towers dude NGL,” confirmed one Tiktok user, failing to pick up on the incredibly clear antisemitic overtones and calls for the implementation of Sharia law across the world littered through the letter’s pages.

Tiktok users continue to question why the mainstream media didn’t report on this letter which has resurfaced due to it originally being reported by mainstream media.

“Just because he was a religious fundamentalist and mass murderer who said the US invented aids and funded his terror group in part from supplying heroin doesn’t mean I can’t fully absorb his unhinged rants and regurgitate them as my own opinion without using any critical thinking whatsoever,” enthused another user, who has peaked the interest of magic bean salesman everywhere.

“And I think it’s just super fucked up how the mainstream media only told me the bad things about Hitler, like the dude was a vegetarian dog lover who loved to paint, why don’t we hear more about chill side of him?” added another user.

“Call me stupid but I think the guy who called for the eradication of western nations and the implementation of a hellish caliphate which would see women beheaded for showing some ankle, and is most famous for killing 3,000 people, makes some good points,” added another user whose two brain cells are in a race for third place.

Elsewhere in the social media sphere, X owner and owner of a big boy brain Elon Musk has hit upon an ingenious way to convince the world’s largest brands to return to advertising on his platform; by tweeting out really stupid antisemitic conspiracy theories.