Good News As Greenway Planned Between Your Front Door & Local Pub


FINALLY, some good news is coming your way as the local county council has announced funding to develop an urban greenway from your front door all the way to your local pub, WWN can confirm.

With an expected completion date of next week, you will now be able to avail of the motor-propelled vehicle-free pathway while enjoying all the wondrous nature along the new sustainable route.

“You can get on your bike and cycle to the pub and back, sure no one will be stopping anyone drunk on a bike or e-scooter anyway,” a spokesman for the new project outside your home said today as a local councillor you’ve never heard of turned the sod and took credit for the entire plan.

Built just for you, the new greenway is expected to generate thousands of euros for your local pub as you basically can’t go anywhere else now due to the new development.

“Yeah, it’s a fairly one-way system but where else would you want to go in fairness?” a spokesperson rightly pointed out.

With almost 2 million separate greenways already completed this year, it is estimated greenways will outnumber the number of new homes by 5:1 by next year.