ICJ To Open Dedicated Israel MegaCourt Complex To Cope With War Crimes


The International Court of Justice at The Hague has announced the construction of a special purpose built complex dubbed ‘MegaCourt’ which aims to deal with the flood of war crimes arising from Israel’s genocidal campaign in Gaza.

“When it’s finished it will have 8 floors and 64 courts dedicated to trying cases of Israeli war crimes, obviously 64 courts is still nowhere near enough but it’ll speed things along a bit,” said one ICJ worker.

Announced before at least 100 starving people were killed as they attempted to seek food from an aid convoy, the emergence of pictures of the flattened corpse of a Palestinian crushed under a bulldozer and the deaths of yet more newborn babies born to starving mothers in hospitals with insufficient supplies, the MegaCourt structure represents the future of how to prosecute genocidal regimes.

“This is the forced starvation wing, this is where Ben Gvir will be tried for calling for the complete stoppage of aid to Gazans. Aid which was already being severely and intentionally reduced by the Israel forces,” added the ICJ worker.

“And here is where the likes of Ursula von der Leyen, Joe Biden and Olaf Scholz will be held before their trial on charges of ‘trying to secure a chapter in history books called The 21st Century’s Biggest Genocide Enablers”.

However, to get the court functioning to a point where it can deal with Benjamin Netayahu’s government’s crimes will not be plain sailing.

“These guys are committing crimes at such a quick rate we’ll need to quadruple the world’s population so we have enough people to serve as judges, clerks and lawyers”.

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