TDs Consider Tricking Dee Forbes Into Appearing Before Oireachtas By Leaving Breadcrumb Trail Made Of Flip Flops


IN A BID to finally get answers from former RTÉ director general Dee Forbes, TDs participating in the Public Accounts Committee have turned to unconventional and morally dubious ways to get the TV executive to appear before them, WWN understands.

“Look we’re all out of ideas so it’s worth a try,” said one TD bending down as they made a breadcrumb trail, made of flip flops, starting from outside Forbes’ home leading all the way to Leinster House.

The renewed appetite for answers comes as news reports confirmed it turns out the punishment for being the brainchild for wasting €2.2 million of the public broadcaster’s money on the Toy Show musical is being allowed say you ‘resigned’ while actually securing a year’s worth of salary as a payoff.

“While Ms Forbes wasn’t in charge at the time Rory Coveney was punished so lucratively, she could shed light on whether this sort of thing was official policy under her regime,” confirmed another TD, sweating from the effort it takes to line up hundreds of kilometres of flip flops.

“People who work in service of the public, in a broadcasting capacity of otherwise, can’t just stonewall TDs like this. She should make herself available for questioning,” added a government TD whose desire for such accountability evaporates the second someone asks about the billion plus overspend on the Children’s Hospital.

UPDATE: In disturbing news, some beleaguered RTÉ employees, hitherto uninvolved in the many mismanagement misfires at the broadcaster have taken to openly burning cash belonging to RTÉ in the hopes they will be punished with an exit package worth €200,000.