Am I The Asshole? I Was Minding My Own Business Blasting TikToks In The Cinema & They Kicked Me Out


WWN is short of news stories today so like any discerning news publication that claims to have an unshakeable passion for truth and holding power to account we trawled Reddit for easy content to copy and paste.

Today we’ve reproduced this head-scratcher of a dilemma from the ‘Am I The Asshole’ subreddit posted by Irish user FullVolumeNoEarphones.

It’s proved to be a divisive one. Where do you stand? Are you with him or is he the asshole? Have a read and let us know:

“I (24M) majorly confused by some people’s behaviour in cinemas these days. I was minding my own business in the cinema, watching an epic streak of can’t miss TikTok funny fails compilations, with a bit of borderline porn thrown in, and out of nowhere I’m basically called a criminal and have to leave.

In what world is it rude to be minding my own business but apparently it’s NOT RUDE to run up the stairs and start calling me a cunt? Some people have serious screws loose.

It’s my fault all of a sudden that the volume on phones is louder than the Dolby surround sound for Argylle? And then staff come in and start talking over the movie, asking me to leave, but no one gives out to them for talking? World’s gone mad.

I paid for my ticket and popcorn like everyone else, if I choose to crank up the V and watch those class TikToks were lads go round asking people questions but then only upload the people who don’t know the answer.

Similarly if I choose to film one of these very videos in the cinema, you can just politely decline to answer the question, it’s absolutely uncalled for to punch me full force in the nose.

And it’s the height, we’re talking the Himalayas of rudeness, not to at least allow me to film it again with you pretending to hit me a second time so I have some good content.

Basically, don’t even need feedback, I know I’m in the right but anyway just needed to vent.”