Taylor Swift Announces Private Jet Has Given Birth


TAKING TO Instagram singer Taylor Swift confirmed her private plane has given birth in news first reported by TMZ several days ago.

“She’s here and she’s perfect,” said Swift in text accompanying a photo of her Dassault 7X and its new bundle of joy, sending her followers wild.

Fiercely protective of her privacy, a dozen or so insiders briefed by Swift’s PR team’s PR team confirmed the singer was disappointed the news was leaked to press especially not long after the high profile stalking case in which a young man was tracking the plane’s every movement online.

“Honestly, it feels like an invasion of privacy on the one hand that there’s so much attention on my little emissions queen, but for now just know mother and baby jet are doing well. She’s young, she’s her own jet, she’s doesn’t have to follow in her mom’s carbon footprint but when the time comes, and only if she wants, we’ll lease her out to absolutely everyone to fly,” the Eras performer later added via a publicist’s statement.

UPDATE: Swift has uploaded a post titled ‘Baby’s first flight’ which is accompanied by an image of 12,000 mile long flight path, believed to be the journey the jet went on to pick up some milk.