Government Going For That Cool LA-Style Tent City Vibe


GOING for that ‘chillaxed attitude’ to homelessness, the government has done astounding work in recreating that LA-style tent city vibe as its ongoing litany of failures sees hundreds of human beings sleeping rough on the cold wet Irish streets.

Presumably impressed with America’s lacklustre approach the ever growing rich/poor divide which has reached epidemic proportions in cities like LA and San Fransisco, delusional Government ministers continued to brave-face reports on the numbers of homeless lining Dublin’s city streets, rubbishing them as ‘opposition tactics’ to make them look bad.

“Fourteen thousand homeless, hundreds of thousands of workers unable to afford homes, a dysfunctional health system not fit for purpose, making a complete fuckery out of immigration into the country along with surging crimes rates; I think we’re doing a pretty good job of this whole capitalism craic in fairness,” a government insider defended, “we even have our own Skid Row outside the International Protection Office on Mount Street now which is super cool looking and real sign we’re on the right track like our American cousins”.

This week the Department of Integration confirmed emergency accommodation for International Protection Applicants will now end, with even more tent villages now expected to emerge as the government continue to allow the flow of asylum seekers to enter Ireland without providing appropriate accommodation.

“Maybe if they see the sea of tents at the Department of Integration front door they might think twice about hanging around,” our government source hoped.